Through the advancements of technology within the last several years, limitless information is at our fingertips with the push of a button. It has altered how students learn and has forever changed the student/teacher relationship. It is imperative now that the student’s experience becomes more than what can be learned from a computer. The classroom needs to become an arena for the exchange of ideas, information, and most importantly, experiences. One educational method that allows students to better understand their connection to the world is thinking-through-making. 

    A pedagogy at the collegiate level that relies specifically on this method of learning is a Design/Build curriculum. Design/Build programs have been developed as a reaction to the student’s desire to escape from the monotony of the computer screen and to be directly engaged with real world issues through hands-on problem solving. When constructing a building by hand, students develop an understanding of the technical properties and physical outcomes of what they design.

New Columbia Bike Repair Hub

AC+D Design/Build

Portland, OR  2012


Leland Ironworks

Oregon City, OR  2013

Over the course of two years I've had the opportunity of being involved with several Design/Build projects. Beyond being a volunteer, I had the chance to assist in instructing and developing the 2013 Design/Build at Helensview School, Portland, OR. I also acquired the position of project manager for the construction of The New Columbia Bike Skills Park. 

Since 1984

Helensview School

AC+D Design/Build

Portland, OR  2013

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Bike Repair Hub Photo Credits: Joey Edwards

New Columbia Bike Skills Park

Project Manager with The Community Cycling Center

Portland, OR  2013