Glean 2015

Artist Residency in Portland, OR utilizing city waste as media

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Sculpture 2010-2012



Interactive collaboration with The Museum of Contemporary Craft

Since 1984


Lost and Found

Found objects around PDX. As still functioning items, I encouraged viewers to take one if needed.  

Influenced by the living world, my goal is to contrast nature’s unequaled advances with the synthetic

rapidity of contemporary human mass production.

I intend to illuminate organic, temporal processes that are often overlooked and acknowledge the

value inherent in nature. Through art, I endeavor

to maintain an essential quality of craftsmanship

to respect the balance humans should have with

their surroundings.

  In order to maintain harmony with my environment,

I work primarily with found or discarded objects. Unlike newly made items, every used material has

a voice of its own: a history that has been collected through its existence. It is that history that compels

me to reconstruct the clutter around us in a new way.