As an artist my practice is influenced by and formed around relationships: the connections to objects we make and use, to the environments
in which we are immersed, the partnerships between humans, and the dissonance between
the built and unbuilt world. With a foundation
in traditional craft processes, I react to my immediate surroundings by utilizing found materials as tools to reposition the value of the discarded object. Repurposing an object’s function increases its significance, sequentially reconfiguring its impact on the urban environment. It is important that my objects are made and used in collaboration with others; shared knowledge of an object’s function increases, extending its life and expanding its potential use. My ambition as an artist is to change the way my audience interprets their relationship to objects, environments, people,
and systems that surround them by reevaluating
the impact of their actions.
Since 1984

This body of work features designs created for non-profit promotional materials, logo and branding strategies for businesses, and conceptual materials for potential clients.   

Handle with Care is a grass-roots endeavor that specializes in partnering with organizations 

and artists to form tools and forge communities.

What I do

Where the classroom becomes an arena for the exchange of ideas, information, and most importantly, experiences.  

A focus on repurposing found materials to emphasize the importance of reuse and to illuminate the value inherent in nature. 

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