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GleanPDX Residency

Since 1984

Stuff I'm Getting Into


I’m usually limited to the supplies I use, however, the Waste Transfer Station collects an unlimited supply of the most random materials you could think of. Every day is different. Each truckload reveals another mystery into the sporadic rhythm of the waste management facility. As a matter of fact, each piece I created wouldn't exist without the sheer fact that I was in the right place and the right time. That same happenstance also showed up in how my pieces came together. The combination of materials primarily stems from the fact that certain pieces happen to fit eloquently into other forms. These series of coincidences lead to this complete body of work. 

My name is Brian Hutsebout, but most people know me as Huts. I’m a designer, artist, visionary, and educator. I consider each facet an integral part of my creative practice, one symbiotically influencing another. My foundation in graphic design heavily influences many aesthetic and functional decisions revealed in my sculptural and socially engaging artwork.

I aim to inspire communities to make

the change they seek with my artwork

and through teaching.